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Three Minute Games is Teasing ‘Lifeline: Whiteout’, the Next in the Very Successful Franchise

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The Lifeline ($0.99) games have definitely made a mark on the App Store with their clever use of notifications as the means of furthering the narrative and with the clever way you interact with the games’ characters. The developers apparently won’t sit still and are already teasing the next game in the franchise with a smart interactive youtube teaser. What we know so far is that the title will be Whiteout, the main character is something Adams, and the rest of the clues are snow, a dog, some mean-looking wolves, a helicopter, a snowmobile, and possible amnesia. I think it’s fair to say that you’ll be getting many, many messages about the protagonist feeling cold.

The interactive teaser is pretty vague, dominated by tons of ice and the constant sound of howling wind in your ears. It’s a smart teaser since it once more has you interacting with the protagonist (?), even without using the phone’s notifications. I do wonder how many Lifeline games one can play before getting tired of the recipe. I guess it all comes down to how good the narrative is and how invested it makes you feel. So, ready for an endless stream of messages about feeling cold?

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