From the Forums: Any Interest in the Angry Birds Movie?

With the Angry Birds movie hitting the big screen on May 20th, this latest discussion on our forums feels particularly timely. Forum member HarryWarden asks the question, “Any interest in the Angry Birds movie?" and continues by saying, “It’s coming just 11 days from now. I’ll probably end up seeing it with my niece. It doesn’t look bad for a kids animated movie. If you like and want to see Rivio sustain, a lot is riding on what was a very expensive movie."

Personally, I’ll be seeing it out of raw curiosity. I mean, I’m a person who took a shower and dried off with an Angry Birds bath towel today, so seeing what might potentially be the climax of the Angry Birds phenomenon seems impossible to pass up. While I’ve got no idea what’s going on behind the scenes with all this at Rovio, from an outside perspective it really feels like a giant push in attempt to return Angry Birds to relevancy.

Not to say that Angry Birds is irrelevant, as it’s still a strong brand, but we’re way past the good ol’ days where it seemed like people were making oddly reasonable prognostications that Rovio could be bigger than Disney. At the time, during the height of Angry Birds mania, it seemed pretty reasonable. At least in the US, you could hardly go into a store without seeing Angry Birds branding on everything from band-aids to fruit snacks to t-shirts to trash cans. (Oh, I also own an Angry Birds trash can.) Also, it seemed like if you saw a mobile device in the hands of a child, chances are they were playing Angry Birds.

Since then, we’ve seen just how trendy the App Store can be, rapidly hopping between trends surrounding Minecraft, Five Nights at Freddy’s,, and a million other things which seem to burn super bright before something else comes along and steals the chart position away. Rovio has spared no expense when it comes to promoting the star-studded Angry Birds movie, but will the whole gamble pay off?

Hell if I know, but it sure is going to be fascinating to watch from the sidelines. We’re curious what you guys think, hop in the thread in our forums and let us know if you’re interested in the Angry Birds movie, and why you’re interested. Do you think it will be good? Are you just driven by morbid curiosity to see what Rovio has spent untold millions on? Something in between?

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