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If you’ve been playing Hearthstone (Free) recently or even simply following the game, you’ll know that with the introduction of Standard and the new expansion, Whispers of the Old Gods, players have found themselves with an abundance of confusing choices when it comes to what kinds of decks to play or, even more importantly for F2P players, which cards to craft to be competitive. Fear not because this crafting guide from Mana Crystals will set you well on your way to make the right decisions about where to use that hard-earned dust. The guide first asks you two important questions: what deck – or even deck type – you want to play, and whether you can make that deck with the cards you already own. That way you can have an idea whether what you’re trying to build has too many expensive cards you don’t own and whether there are good enough cheap alternatives for those missing cards.

Once you know what deck you’re trying to build and which cards you really need to have, you can start deciding which cards to craft. The guide then offers two basic strategies on how to go about crafting. The one is to go with the safest cards to craft, neutral powerful Legendaries in other words that can fit in many decks.

Cards like Sylvanas Windrunner, Ragnaros the Firelord and Twin Emperor Vek’tor are cards you can slot in many decks, which makes the dust spent go a long way. The second strategy is picking your deck type and then crafting those core cards that will help you build that deck. The guide then gives you most of the currently-popular decks and the cards you’ll need to craft for them.

Overall, this is a very solid and well-written guide that should help most Hearthstone players (unless you’re already hardcore and know exactly what you need to craft). Check it out here, and hopefully it will help you make that deck that will reach that next level or rank that you’ve been struggling to get to for months.

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