‘Disney Magic Kingdoms’ Just got Updated with Princess Aurora, New Storylines, and Much More

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I like anything Disney, so it’s no wonder I’ve been playing around with Disney Magic Kingdoms (Free) (though not as much as I would if I had time on my hands). Fan service it is, but it’s a very well made one for sure. As expected, we are already getting more content for our parks. Our Disney kingdoms can now have many of the Sleeping Beauty characters, prime among them Princess Aurora and Prince Philip but also characters like Fauna and Flora. Bringing Sleeping Beauty into the game makes perfect sense since her castle sits in the middle of Disneyland. In addition to the Sleeping Beauty characters, we also got Donald Duck and Mother Gothell, the mom from Tangled in case you haven’t watched that animated movie.

The update also introduces new storylines, continuing the story of Maleficent’s evil curse and bringing in new stories from Tangled. There are also new attractions, new decorations, new quests, and a new parade float for Sleeping Beauty. So, a pretty good update if you’re one of those who’ve burned through most of the content already. If you’re having trouble getting your park nice and pretty, check out our guide here.

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