‘Thumb Drift’ Gets Cars Inspired by Rooster Teeth, Regular Car Reviews, and More

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SMG Studio’s keeping the new cars coming to the fun Thumb Drift (Free). 12 new cars in total have been added to the game, several focusing on guests from across internet and automobile culture. A Rooster Teeth Tactical Vehicle is in the game. Beau Yates, a popular Australian drifter, by which I mean someone who does drifting in cars, not necessarily a hobo who wanders from place to place, not that there’s anything wrong with that; nor is he Drifter. But a car inspired by his Toyota 86 is in the game. Regular Car Reviews, popular YouTube channel, has a Vagabond inspired by a vehicle they’re making as part of Operation Vagabond Falcon:

Oh, and there’s a drifting school bus, and a secret vehicle that’s rather wiener-y. 12 new vehicles in total have been added to the game. Plus, a slow motion ragdoll camera has been added to the game to make those crashes so much more fun. And, performance optimization for y’all’s old devices! Here’s a new trailer with the some of the new cars to check out:

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