‘Star Wars: Commander’ Gets New ‘Squad Wars’ Multiplayer Mode

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Disney’s Star Wars raiding-strategy game Star Wars: Commander (Free) has gotten another huge update just in time for Star Wars Day on May the 4th (be with you). The game has a new multiplayer feature called Squad Wars, where you and your 15-person squad engage in interesting new battles against another squad. How it works is that your squad gets matched up with a squad of the same level. You then get 24 hours to prepare your squad for the battles. A copy of your base winds up on one of the Squad Wars outpost. You can’t be looted, so it’s worth setting up this copy of your base to ideally protect your headquarters. Depending on how many stars someone attacking your base gets, they get more uplinks taken down, with the goal being to take down as many as possible. While playing and strategizing your squad wars, you can earn buffs that could help you defend better or take down enemies more effectively. The mode lasts 24 hours, and has a limited number of turns, so it fits in well with however long you want to play. A YouTuber has uploaded the intro to mode to YouTube to get the rundown:

This new mode is available now in the update, and with some great rewards available for players who decide to take part in Squad Wars, this is a big new feature that can radically alter the game, and make joining squads more important than ever.

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