‘Astro Duel’ Update Getting New Maps, Dash Ability, and ‘Astro Remote’ Support

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Rusty Moyher’s Astro Duel ($4.99) is set to get a big update this Thursday on May 5th. Several new features are going to be in the game that are set to change the game up. A new dash ability will allow you to escape some hairy situations by double-tapping the Thrust button, but it consumes one ammo, so be careful. That is, unless you enable the unlimited dash modifier, which doesn’t use ammo, but comes with increased cooldown. If you don’t want powerups, which is a requested feature for tournament play, then you can now disable powerups. Three new maps, including a Bomberman-inspired level with conveyor belts that loop around, will be in this new update on Thursday as well.

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If you’ve been a fan of the iPad version of Astro Duel but have missed out on the iPhone-as-controller support since the Joypad app no longer was available, then good news: The Astro Remote (Free) app for the Apple TV version now works for the iPad. Prop up that big ol’ iPad and engage in some astro duels with your friends without needing to get uncomfortably close to each other around the iPad screen. I mean, Fingle ($1.99) already exists for that.

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