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‘VOEZ’, The Latest Rhythm Game From ‘Deemo’ Developer Rayark Is Coming May 26th

While Rayark has recently received quite a bit of acclaim for their stylish action game Implosion: Never Lose Hope ($1.99), longtime fans of the developer likely associate them more with rhythm games. Both Cytus ($1.99) and Deemo ($1.99) are counted by rhythm game lovers as being among the best on iOS. The games provide challenging action, gorgeous visuals, excellent music, and even a little story to go with all of that. Rayark appears to be building on those strengths with its upcoming release, VOEZ. It’s scheduled to release on the App Store on May 26th, so mark your calendars appropriately.

VOEZ seems to have a fleshed-out background story for its musical gameplay. The game takes place in Lan Kong Town, which is based on actual locations in the developer’s home country of Taiwan. Six different characters who live in the town will have their stories told as you progress through the game. As for the gameplay itself, it looks like a rather unusual and hectic hybrid of falling notes and dynamic moving tracks, so I hope your fingers are good and limber. The presentation, as you would expect from Rayark, is absolutely dynamite. I can’t wait to lose myself in another rhythm game from these talented developers.

Fortunately, we’ll only have to wait a few weeks longer to play VOEZ. While we don’t have pricing specifics yet, it’s probably safe to assume it’ll follow the same path as Cytus and Deemo, with an upfront price giving you access to a solid chunk of content, and additional IAPs for more songs and scenarios as Rayark rolls them out. We’ll know for sure soon enough, however. You can look forward to our review of VOEZ after its release later this month on May 26th.