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‘Space Marshals 2’ Should Release in June, Sequel Will Turn the Stealthyness Up a Notch

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Space Marshals ($3.99) is a favorite both with the TA staff and the readers in our forums partly because it managed to get stealth gameplay quite right and packaged it in a gorgeous package. No one should be surprised, then, that we are all looking forward to the game’s sequel, and according to a blog post today, Space Marshals 2 should release at some point in June. If you remember, back in September developer Pixelbite asked for player feedback on what kind of features players wanted to see in the sequel. I have no idea what you guys requested (though many in the comments hoped the game keeps its stealth system and adds more locations), but I think the announced features should make most players quite happy.

The game will come with updated graphics, ragdoll physics, new animations, and many more environments and enemies. These enemies will have unique features, which should hopefully raise the game’s tactical challenge even more. The game is still being built around stealth mechanics, but according to the developers these mechanics are turned up a notch in the sequel; you’ll even be able to do silent enemy takedowns. And, of course, there’ll be more new features, epic ones too according to the developers.

Pixelbite hopes to release the game for iOS sometime in June and shortly after that release on Android. They’ll keep the game a premium title on iOS but plan to launch with a larger set of missions compared to the original. When it comes to Android, though, Pixelbite might go with a F2P model because of how tough that market is for premium apps. Excited?

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