‘Disney Crossy Road’ Just got ‘Jungle Book’ Characters – Insert ‘Bare Necessities’ Pun Here

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I don’t know if you’ve been playing Disney Crossy Road (Free) or not, but if you like Disney characters, you’ve probably managed to already have Mickey hit by a train or Simba stampeded. Now, in celebration of the new Jungle Book movie, Disney Crossy Road just got an update with a whole new world, The Jungle, and figurines like Mowgli, Baloo, and King Louie. Personally, I’m more into the big cats of Jungle Book, so I’m hoping to get Bagheera and Shere Khan. This update has added 25 new figurines, but 14 of them are super secret. And as the update hints at, “it’s ruff out there, so we’ll throw you a bone…or 50. Hop to a happily ever after and reunite Pluto with his sweetheart." Let’s see if you can figure out those clues.

Disney Crossy Road - Lion King

Disney Crossy Road continues to be a great example of how to make a great mobile game with famous characters and IPs; Disney didn’t do another match-3 but, rather, followed are oft-repeated TouchArcade advice of “Just Make Crossy Road." Glad to know we have the ears of the Disney executives, and perhaps one day we’ll return them. Now go enjoy the Jungle and all those fun figurines.

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