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‘Roll Spike: Sepak Takraw’ is a Crazy Sport of Bicycle Kicks in Volleyball

There’s a decent chance you’ve never heard of sepak takraw. I’m not very familiar with it, except one of my favorite videos by The Onion covered it, mocking American sports drama. And the sport looks absolutely absurd: like volleyball but with kicks instead of volleys with the arms. And spikes are done through absurd-looking roll spikes. It’s a sport where the bicycle kick is a common move. And while I love baseball because fat people can do well at it, I think you have to be in peak physical condition to play sepak takraw, and that’s just impressive. But sadly, the sport just hasn’t had much exposure in America. That may be about to change, as Roll Spike is a mobile game based on sepak takraw.

Right now, it’s only available on iOS in Asia, Australia, and New Zealand, but it’s worldwide on Google Play. Hopefully a North American and European launch happens soon. The sport seems like fun, an interesting mix of volleyball and soccer that could make for a fun game. And I’d love to see this sport take off in America. Can’t be any more dangerous than football, no?

AU/NZ Download Link: Roll Spike