‘Plague Inc.” Just Got User Generated Content in Latest Update – Go Infect People

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How do you feel about infecting the world with hilarious diseases till there’s no living soul left? Fighting against the CDC in your efforts to bring forth the apocalypse? You love it too? Great! You’ll really like Plague Inc. ($0.99) latest update then, which has just gone live. We wrote about this update a few days ago, pointing out how for the first time, you’ll be able to play community-created custom scenarios made by the players of the PC version of the game. Apparently, some of the scenarios are quite plausible; for instance, there’s a Cult of Cthulhu one, a werewolves one, and (I’m sure) many ever weirder ones. The update also adds longer disease names as well as a Random Name Generator to make that next disease name even more funny.


If you haven’t played Plague Inc., I suggest you remedy that as soon as possible because this is a game that plays great on mobile and a game that keeps improving update after update. I’ve played the game for many (too many?) hours over the years, and I still remember my PhD virus taking out the world slowly but surely. Great game, and pleasant too especially if you’re a hypochondriac.

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