Snail Games’ ‘Taichi Panda: Heroes’ Launches Globally

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After a closed beta test and soft launch, Snail Games has globally-launched their action-RPG sequel Taichi Panda: Heroes (Free) on to the App Store and Google Play. This time around, you’ll be commanding a team of heroes, including the eponymous fighting panda, into battle, where you can swap between the characters as necessary. Snail’s 3D engine provides some gorgeous visuals and fluid action, as evident in the trailer for the game:

Snail Games has been around for a while in China, and I’d expect to hear more from them on Western shores in the future, between this now launching and Age of Wushu Dynasty (Free) getting updates, including the recent Rivalry Update which added new dungeon floors, Grandmaster school position, a Divine Weapons system, and more. So, if you like action-RPGs and MMOs on the go, Snail Games has you covered.

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