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Sorry Everyone, ‘Pathfinder Adventures’ is Delayed at Least Until April 28th

Pathfinder AdventuresI know, everyone’s been anxiously waiting for Pathfinder Adventures for some time, but we’ll have to wait for (hopefully) just a few more days until we get the game on our devices. After delaying the game for about a month in order to take beta feedback under consideration, the developers are pushing the game release from April 26th to (tentatively) April 28th. This delay is simply for the developers to polish the game a bit more before releasing it to all of us. Personally, I have no issue with developers deciding to delay in order to offer a better product because the App Store can be brutal; if you release a buggy game, well, you don’t get a second chance at a first impression and with so many games coming out each day, it’s hard to keep players’ attention as is.

Pathfinder Adventures

So, hopefully just a few more days to wait until Pathfinder Adventures hits the App Store, and if you don’t know why I’m looking forward to it, check out my short preview from a few weeks back. Even though the build was still being worked on and many of the features weren’t in yet – including most of the adventures – I really enjoyed my time with it and can’t wait to play more. Unless there’s another delay, we should get the game Thursday, April 28th, and if there’s any additional delay, I will of course let you know.