In Reponse to the Many Complaints, ‘World of Tanks Blitz’ Has Adjusted Profitability and Provisions

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A few weeks back I wrote about World of Tanks Blitz (Free) Update 2.8 adding a new consumable called Provisions that many felt pushed the game into Pay-to-Win territory. The complaints arose partly because these Provisions were passive boosts that could really tilt the balance in a battle, so many felt that adding another paid consumable on top of the already-existing ones was just too much, especially for those players who are either F2P or don’t have enough premium vehicles in their garage. Well, the good news is that didn’t ignore those complaints and, instead, has made several fixes that should hopefully please players.

After gathering statistics for earning and spending credits on high-tier vehicles, the developers figured out that part of the profitability coefficients were incorrect. Those incorrect coefficients led to some of the parameters getting distorted in 2.8, but they have now being adjusted. Similarly, the developers looked at the numbers closely and realized that Provisions were more expensive than they should be, so they dropped the prices for most of them, in some cases quite substantially. They have also adjusted some other consumables, toning them down to make them less dominant in battles, though those changes will take effect in the next update.

So, it looks like agreed with those vocal players about the pricing of the consumables, though I haven’t checked to see what difference these changes make on vehicle profitability. Still, it’s good to see a developer with its ear on the ground and one that isn’t afraid to admit a mistake. If you want to check out all the changes in detail, go here.

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