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State of Play’s Paint Splattering Pinball Game ‘INKS’ Launching May 5th

Back in February, Lume (Free) and Lumino City ($4.99) developer State of Play announced INK, a stylish mashup of pinball and painting and puzzles. However, due to its similarity to Zack Bell’s Steam platformer also called INK, State of Play slightly tweaked the name of their release and it’s now known as INKS. Got it? Good. Anyway, this gorgeous game finally has a release date, May 5th, and an official trailer. Check it out.

As you can see, INKS has State of Play’s trademark style, with painterly, water color-like visuals and whimsical sound effects and music. Plus it doesn’t hurt that I love pinball games of all shapes and sizes, and INKS certainly looks like one of the more unique ones. Look for INKS when it arrives exclusively on iOS two weeks from now on May 5th.