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‘Metal Slug’ Inspired Action Platformer ‘Zombie Hunter: Death to the Undead’ Hitting this Thursday

Everybody’s pretty much had their fill of zombie games, myself included, but I’m making an exception for Zombie Hunter: Death to the Undead, which is releasing this Thursday from Yodo1 Games. Why make an exception? Because Zombie Hunter is an action-platformer-shooter that channels the soul of Metal Slug, one of my all-time favorite series. I mean how could you NOT want to hop into a bad ass mech suit and blast the crap out of everything with an arsenal of awesome weapons? Check out the trailer for Zombie Hunter.

The action platforming genre isn’t new territory for Yodo1, as they released League of Stickmen ($1.99) to a fairly positive reception last fall. The gameplay in that was praised, but the free to play system not so much, so I’m curious to see how the monetization system will be handled in Zombie Hunter. Regardless, the game looks really awesome and we won’t have long to wait to dip into it as Zombie Hunter: Death to the Undead is scheduled to hit worldwide this Thursday.