‘Zen Pinball’ Getting 3 New Tables Based on the ‘Aliens’ Movie Franchise

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Zen Studios are firing up the pinball table making machine for the first time since releasing 3 Star Wars: The Force Awakens tables this past January. They’ve teamed up with Fox Digital Entertainment to create 3 brand new tables set in the Aliens movie universe for a table pack they’ve dubbed Aliens vs. Pinball. Zen describes the new tables: “In Aliens pinball, team up with the Colonial Marines as Ellen Ripley on a pinball table based on ALIENS, the 1986 blockbuster film. Face your fears and take on a deadly Alien threat on the Sevastopol Space Station as Amanda Ripley in the Alien: Isolation pinball table and feel the rush of the hunt as a young Yautja warrior in Alien vs. Predator pinball."

I’m always stoked for any new tables from Zen, and the Alien IP is a killer one for them to work with. The trailer looks great, and showcases Zen’s over-the-top style of pinball. As for when we’ll be getting our hands on Aliens vs. Pinball, they’ll be arriving on all digital platforms where Zen’s pinball games are available on April 26th, which if you haven’t heard is Alien Day. Yes, simply everything has its own day now, but that’s fine. On iOS specifically, look for Aliens vs. Pinball to hit the Zen Pinball (Free) app as an update on April 26th.

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