Watch ‘Chameleon Run’ Get Destroyed by Our Resident Pro Gamer Andy C83

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Those of you who hang around our forums don’t need any introduction to Andy C83. For years he has been one of the most skilled mobile gamers we’ve ever seen when it comes to speedrunning or setting high scores. If you aren’t familiar with Andy, well, just fire up Game Center at pretty much any popular game and chances are pretty good he’ll be somewhere near the top of the leaderboard. In fact we’ve even featured Andy’s work on the front page here before, once for putting together an awesome time-lapse of the first 1,000 holes in Desert Golfing ($1.99) and one time for speedrunning through the insanely difficult Duet ($2.99) in less than 10 minutes. Anyway, Andy’s latest feat is one I’m still trying to wrap my head around. He recently speedran the entire game Chameleon Run ($1.99) and has put together a compilation of all his speedruns for all the game’s levels. Seriously, check this out.

So speedrunning is one thing, but having to speedrun AND do the whole color-swapping thing that’s necessary in Chameleon Run is some next level stuff. But that’s not all. Andy utilizes a special feature in the game that will give you a boost if you switch colors right before you hit the ground, so he’s able to complete levels even faster by exploiting this feature to boost over and over. This adds a level of coordination and reaction speed that I just can’t even fathom with my tiny little brain. This guy is a machine, folks. Anyway, hopefully you enjoy this little glimpse into some mind-blowing skill, and I’d just like to say congratulations to Andy on such an incredible feat!

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