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Upcoming ‘Ding Dong Delivery’ Wants to Do the ‘Crossy Road’ Thing to ‘Paperboy’

As we’ve mentioned before, Crossy Road (Free) found massive success by taking the core gameplay of Frogger, making it endless and 3D, adding a crap-ton of unlockable characters, and stuffing it all into one of the most friendly free to play packages we’ve ever seen. Games like Down The Mountain (Free) did the same thing but with the core gameplay of Q-bert. Now, developer Secret Box wants to take the gameplay of the classic Paperboy and “Crossy Road-ify" it with their upcoming game Ding Dong Delivery. Instead of slinging papers though, you’ll be slinging hot slices of pizza from your pizza delivery truck. Check out an early trailer.

Paperboy is one of my all-time favorites, and it’s an extremely difficult game. However, one of the most fun things about it is not even trying to do good but just launching papers at all the things around the neighborhood. I mean, is there anything better than smacking that smug breakdancing dude in the head with a rolled up newspaper? Or that jerk kid on a tricycle. Get out of here, kid! Ding Dong Delivery looks to retain that same sort of fun but in an endless fashion. Also, because Crossy Road has caused every developer to include a laundry list of unlockable characters, you won’t just be slinging slices of pizza, but also other foods like noodles and chili. Seriously, can I move into a city that does chili delivery please? Secret Box is currently seeking beta testers in our forums, and Ding Dong Delivery should be arriving sometime soon.