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‘Toby: The Secret Mine’ Brings ‘Limbo’-Inspired Silhouetted Puzzle Platforming to iOS in Mid-April

If you’re a fan of the silhouette visual style popularized by Limbo ($3.99) and Badland ($0.99), April is shaking up to be a good month for you, as another game with that style is set to hit iOS. Toby: The Secret Mine is a puzzle-platformer that originally released on Steam last year. You play as Toby, who’s trying to save the people of his town who have been kidnapped by mysterious forces. Along the way, you’ll solve puzzles and navigate deadly hazards. It probably won’t win any awards for originality at all, but hey, it still looks pretty nice, and it was made by just one developer, Lukas Navratil.

This one is set to release next week on Thursday, April 14th, though no price has been announced quite yet. As I said, between this, Green Game TimeSwapper ($1.99), and Shadow Bug ($3.99) all using this silhouetted style, if you’re a fan, you’re having a good month.