‘Abzorb’ Gets Daily Challenge Mode and Android Release

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Gerald Kelley’s Abzorb (Free) has just gotten an update on iOS that adds in a new Daily Challenge mode that should encourage you to come back again and again to this one. Each day, you get 5 levels to play back to back – get through all 5 without failing and get your scores on the leaderboard, assuming Game Center hasn’t melted down for you! The daily mode includes some levels that you can’t play in the main level set quite yet, so there are some new things to find. Abzorb is also out now on Android, if you’re the kind of person with an Android phone and an iPad (or an iPhone and Android tablet), and have wanted to play the game on your other OS. Now you can!

Abzorb is a pretty fun take on tilting games – albeit one that added in touch controls in a later update. Which, hey, some people don’t like tilt controls. They require you to play the game with two hands and can be more unwieldy on tablets than on phones, so having the option is there. Tilt to Live 2 ($2.99) skimping on touch controls makes sense because it’s not Touch to Live. There’s a lesson there, developers.

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