‘Magic Duels’ Gets Another Massive Update

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If you follow the various Magic Duels (Free) communities on the internet, it’s plainly obvious that the game has been rife with issues, effectively since it launched almost a year ago now. Wizards has been trying to fix the game, but previous updates have reminded me of those old Loony Toons cartoons where a character will hold their finger over one leak in a boat and two more will spring up. Well, per the exhaustive patch notes of the current update to Magic Duels that’s filtering its way out right now, they’re plugging a whole lot of holes at once- We’ll have to see how many new leaks start spraying.

I really, really, really hope Wizards gets this right this time, as I still think Magic Duels has potential to be really awesome. If nothing else, it has easily among the most generous free to play models for a card game… But when you combine players having randomly lost progress across updates and your library effectively being locked into one platform, it’s really hard to recommend getting involved with for anything more than to just play the tutorial to learn the basics of Magic.

But, hey, maybe it’ll be different this time. I love Magic enough that I’m going to keep giving Wizards the benefit of the doubt. But, particularly if you’ve lost progress, I can’t blame you if you’re not willing to do the same on Magic Duels. Hell, there’s always Magic Digital Next to look forward to, right?!

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