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Ninja Kiwi’s Hit Flash Game ‘Boombot’ Heading to iOS Courtesy of Mighty Kingdom

Most people in the mobile world are probably familiar with Ninja Kiwi for their freakishly popular Bloons series, but before then they had a pretty popular physics puzzler Flash game called Boombot and its sequel Boombot 2, and finally the series is making its way to the touchscreen with the help of developer Mighty Kingdom. In this new game, simply called Boombot, you’re trying to get your character to an end goal in increasingly complex levels using just the blast force of your bombs. It’s pretty similar to Godzilab’s iBlast Moki games, if you’re familiar with those. While the original Boombot games are pretty rough visually, that’s not the case at all with the forthcoming iOS version, as the game is completely made in 3D with fancy visual effects. Here are some screens of the new Boombot.




I actually had a chance to check out a work-in-progress version of Boombot during GDC earlier this month, and while some of the interface elements weren’t quite up to par for Mighty Kingdom to feel comfortable taking any video, I was really impressed with how well the game has turned out already. It’s the type of puzzle game where it’s fun just to figure out how to complete a level, and then go back and try to do it with a minimum number of blasts or to beat your previous time. Like the original Flash games the levels in Boombot are complex and ingeniously designed, and the iOS version will ship with more than 50 of them to start. Expect Boombot to hit iOS sometime in Q2 of this year.