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Taco Illuminati’s ‘Looty Dungeon’ Hacks, Slashes, and Hops its Way to iOS Next Thursday

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If you have room in your life for another square-hopping verby noun game, developer Taco Illuminati has announced that their game Looty Dungeon is set to hit the App Store next week on April 7th. We first got a taste of Looty Dungeon during PAX South in January, and then got to check out a further along version during GDC just a couple of weeks ago. The gist is pretty simple: Advance square by square through randomly generated dungeons avoiding traps and tussling with enemies in an effort to make it as far as possible. Yes, it’s Crossy Road mixed with a dungeon crawler, but it’s actually quite a bit more involved than that quick elevator pitch description leads you to believe. Check out the brand new launch trailer for Looty Dungeon.

While the endless hopper has sort of lost its appeal in the wake of Crossy Road and its thousands of “me too" copycats, Looty Dungeon really appeals to me due to its increased complexity. It has a massive roster of playable characters, but they each actually have unique abilities, like the knight who can block projectiles with a shield or the catapult character that can launch and attack enemies from two squares away. It’s also cool that you actually have a life gauge rather than the typical “one-hit and you’re dead" method of similar games. That along with boss battles makes this feel like a more meaty game rather than just a simplistic high-score chaser. Look for Looty Dungeon next Thursday.

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