Supercell Running First ‘Clash Royale’ Tournament in April

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There’s massive potential in Clash Royale (Free) as a competitive game, and Supercell is taking their first steps towards that being a reality. The studio is hosting an official Clash Royale tournament on April 16th in Helsinki, Finland. If you’re in the area, then you’ll want to check out the details here. This is planned to be a “laid-back" event and a “sort of experiment" to see how a full-fledged tournament would work. This is a new thing for Supercell, after all, and getting the logistics right would be key, of course. They also clarified that they’re using a special build of the game that has all cards unlocked and at the same level, though tournament rules have level caps anyway.

This isn’t necessarily the first competitive tournament set around Clash Royale, with the Shanghai Clash Invitational happening as well, but Supercell getting into sanctioned official tournaments will be rather interesting to keep an eye on in the coming months. The competitive/eSports potential of this game is immense, and not just because they’re trying to force it to be a phenomenon that people want to play – but because they figured out how to make a successful game first. It’s easier to build an eSports-appealing game when you know there’s an audience first.

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