‘Astro Party’ Now Supports 4 Players on iPhone, Perfect for Your iPhone SE

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Rusty Moyher’s Astro Party (Free) is a pretty cool game, being a phone-friendly version of Astro Duel ($4.99) which is on iPad and Apple TV. The one downside to Astro Party is that it has only supported 2 players on one iPhone, compared to the 4 of its bigger sibling. But no more! Now you and 3 other people can get really, really close to each other around an iPhone and blast each other in space in the latest Astro Party update with 4 players. Sounds perfect for your new iPhone SE!


But wait, there’s more! New levels have been added, with new modifiers to play with in those levels. Take out your friends in wacky new ways, and then enjoy the video replays of you blasting them to bits. Or suffer at your repeated humiliation. Whatever works for you.

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