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“Badland Meets Super Meat Boy” Platformer ‘Shadow Bug’ Coming April 4th, New Trailer Released

Shadow Bug is a stylish upcoming platformer that was originally introduced on our forums way back in July of last year. Developer Muro Studios used our forum members to run a beta in August, and then did another round of beta testing in early January just to be sure to smooth out any rough edges. At long last, Shadow Bug is finally complete and the developers have announced a release date of April 4th. For an idea of what Shadow Bug is all about, check out the brand new release trailer.

One of the unique things about Shadow Bug is its control scheme. You attack enemies simply by tapping on them, which means there’s no need for virtual buttons complicating matters. This also keeps the game fast-paced, and along with its silhouette art style Shadow Bug has been referred to in our forums as “Badland meets Super Meat Boy." It sounds really cool, and although specific pricing hasn’t been announced we do know Shadow Bug will be a pay-once premium experience. Lots more information including animated .gifs and additional trailers can be found in our forums, and keep an eye out for Shadow Bug on April 4th.