Apple Reveals The iPhone SE and 9.7″ iPad Pro

Well, whoever is keeping score when it comes to the accuracy of the rumor mill lately, they pretty much nailed it this time around. As expected, the 4" iPhone SE was revealed, which more or less is an iPhone 6S inside of a 4" iPhone case, it seems like almost nothing was sacrificed in the downsizing either, which bums me out just a little, as if this phone was available along side the iPhone 6 S launch, I’d totally have picked one up.


I’m thinking game developers are going to be pretty happy with the 4" spec bump, as historically everything has needed to be built in mind with the comparatively slow iPhone 5 S still being sold. Now the whole lineup, regardless of whether you want a big one or a tiny one, will have the same GPU.

Also as predicted, the 12" iPad Pro got a little brother today with the announcement of the 9" iPad Pro. Just like the iPhone SE, it seems all of the capabilities of the bigger iPad Pro made their ways down to the smaller one. If you’re thinking about upgrading from an iPad Air, I really recommend it, as the four speakers on the bigger iPad Pro make a massive difference when it comes to actually being able to watch movies without needing headphones.

Oh, and new Apple Watch bands if that’s a thing anyone is into. Anyway, the iPhone SE is going to be available for order on March 24 and begin shipping on March 31 starting at $399. Meanwhile, the new iPad Pro will be up for preorder on March 24 starting at $599.