The Prince and the Tesla are Getting Nerfed and Other ‘Clash Royale’ Changes Coming March 23rd

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Well, that didn’t take long, did it? If you’ve been enjoying wrecking enemy towers with Clash Royale‘s (Free) Prince, you might have to rethink your strategy a bit. According to Supercell, the first balance changes since global launch are supposed to boost some underused cards as well as address a few frustrating defensive combinations and some cards that can be a bit too powerful by themselves. The Prince is one of the cards nerfed because even though the developers don’t think he’s overpowered, his ability to take down a tower on his own when left unchecked can be startling. So, his charge speed will be decreased by 13% to give the opponent time to react and counter him.

The Tesla is also going to see a nerf, with its hit speed decreased to 0.8sec from 0.7sec and its lifetime down to 40 from 60 seconds. Although the developers, again, don’t see the unit as OP, they do feel that the card doesn’t have a counter as things stand. With this nerf, the Tesla will be more vulnerable to groups of troops.

There are other changes coming too; for instance, the X-Bow range will be decreased to 12 (from 13) so you can’t just set it up behind the river and sit and enjoy the show. The Cannon’s lifetime will be decreased, the Princess’ hitpoints will see a 10% nerf so Arrows can take her out, the Ice Wizard damage will be increased by 5%, the Dark Prince’s speed will be decreased by 13% (for the same reason as the Prince’s nerf), the Valkyrie and the Giant will see damage increases, Rage will give 40% movement and attack speed (up from 35%) but its duration will be decreased by 20%, Poison damage is increased by 5%, and so on.

There are a few more changes, and you can check them all here. So, what do you think about the buffs? Too much, or is Supercell demonstrating that it knows which units need buffs and nerfs for the game to be fun? Personally, I agree with most of them and they do address some of my current frustrations. I don’t think we have really OP units currently, but Supercell is right in pointing out that some units can be very tricky to counter. The changes will hit March 23rd, so don’t go spending money on units about to be nerfed.

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