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GDC 2016: ‘Heroes of Skyrealm’ Mixes ‘Clash’-Style Gameplay with Dungeon Crawling

Heroes of Skyrealm, the upcoming game from Machanist Games is looking pretty good. The video below, taken from an iPad Pro really shows off the texture and 3D effects well and walks through some of the basics of the game. The game itself is a Clash of Clans type mashed up with a dungeon crawler with a Skylanders-like hero collection system mixed in. The characters themselves are really well crafted and animated and the dungeon crawler core gameplay seems to be quite good.

At this point the game seems a bit like it’s doing too many things, but it has yet to even hit soft launch. With a good soft launch issues like this will be exposed and corrected. Overall it’s a beautiful game and a lot of love has been poured into it. Look for it soon with a staggered worldwide release.