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GDC 2016: ‘Stick Cricket Super League’ Seeks Fans of Cricket

As an American, cricket is one of those sports that I know absolutely nothing about. My main frame of reference for the sport is the cricket scene in King Ralph, which I can only assume is hyper-representitive of what playing cricket is actually like. But, if you are into cricket, the upcoming Stick Cricket Super League seems like a game that should be on your radar as it appears to be a pretty fully featured cricket simulator that has been distilled into bite-sized mobile chunks. Check it out:

There’s a huge cricket tournament coming up that they’re hoping to have the game released by, which seems like a pretty solid plan. It’s a tricky game to pitch to a US audience though, as again, you’re almost exclusively going after expats or other people who might follow cricket internationally for one reason or another. If that describes you, well, you should probably be tuned in to this game.