GDC 2016: ‘Sketch Nation Create’ Let’s You Make Your Own Games and is Getting Multiplayer Soon

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The Sketch Nation series goes way, way back and in fact it was just about 6 years ago on the dot that we sat down to check out the original Sketch Nation at GDC 2010. The series has evolved a lot in the years since, and the most recent version of the game is called Sketch Nation Create (Free) and it expands on the original concept of letting you make your own shoot ’em up game and now allows you to make a variety of game types with a shocking amount of options and depth. It’s surprisingly user-friendly and still centers around the idea that you can simply draw your own game assets right there on the touchscreen. Check out this overview of the latest incarnation of Sketch Nation Create.

As you can see, it’s amazing the amount of things you can do with Sketch Nation Create. From all the different game genres to the different parameters you can set for the objects in the game, it’s crazy how deep this rabbit hole goes and with the ability to create and share games online through the game itself it’s fun to see the incredible things people think up to do within the boundaries of the game. Here at GDC the developers of Sketch Nation Create showed off an upcoming update which will add a pretty exciting new feature to the game: multiplayer! Check out how it works in this demo video.

As mentioned Sketch Nation Create has been out for quite some time now, so if you haven’t checked it out yet there’s really no reason not to as it’s free and you can download it and start messing around with making your own games. I hadn’t kept up with the game’s progress and was really blown away by how deep the experience is, so I’ll be re-downloading it myself and spending some time with it over the weekend. As for the multiplayer update, that should go live in an update sometime in the next couple of months.

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