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GDC 2016: Umbrella Shows Off Blocky RPG ‘Magic Mountain’ and One-Touch Platformer ‘Back To Square One’

Most people will probably know Umbrella Games from their Q-bert meets Crossy Road game Down The Mountain (Free) which launched last year, and they’re now continuing in that vein with their upcoming RPG Magic Mountain. Utilizing that same blocky voxel style, Magic Mountain has you exploring areas square by square talking to characters learning story bits and even adding some of them to your party as well as engaging in turn-based battles with enemies. Basically, RPG stuff.

In addition to Magic Mountain which Umbrella expects to continue working on for a while and hope be a fairly meaty experience, they have a simpler title in the works too, a one-touch platformer with the clever name Back To Square One. It’s an auto-runner platformer which tasks you with moving square by square and avoiding obstacles along a randomly generated level for as long as possible, and if you fail, well, it sends you back to the beginning or in other words “back to square one."


Both games look good but are quite different from each other in terms of ambition. Back To Square One is a quick project that’s only even been in development for a couple of weeks, and Umbrella expects to have it finished up and shipped in the next month or so. Magic Mountain on the other hand is a much bigger project and they expect to be showing it in various states of progress throughout the year, with a planned release sometime before the end of 2016.