GDC 2016: Check Out the Evolution of ‘Thumb Drift’ in these Early Prototypes

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When sitting down to check out One More Jump from SMG Studios here at GDC, they just happened to have a build of the very first prototype of their most recent game Thumb Drift (Free) running on their demo device. I absolutely love taking a look at the “before and after" of games and seeing where they began, and after seeing this Thumb Drift prototype I knew other people might be interested in seeing the evolution of the game too. So we shot some video of the original “day one" proof of concept version of the game, as well as a second more polished version that was a few weeks into development at the time, and finally finish up with the actual release version that hit the App Store last month.

As you can see, while that original version of Thumb Drift was incredibly rough, the basic concept of the game remained mostly the same, including the awesome way in which your car explodes into a bunch of particles. The handling felt WAY different, but I actually found myself getting used to it after a few minutes. The second version looked much more finished, but also lacked personality, and I’m really glad that SMG finally ended up somewhere in between those two versions with a much more detailed looking game but still retaining that stylized look that harkens back to the original prototype. I’m still continuing to have fun with Thumb Drift daily, and I hope you guys enjoyed taking a look at these early beginnings of the game.

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