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GDC 2016: ‘Rodeo Stampede’ Combines Animal Riding and Wrangling With Zoo Management

One of the surprises of GDC so far has been Rodeo Stampede, a game that combines voxel art and animal collection with a really fun core game of lassoing animals and hopping from beast to beast in a massive stampede. The core gameplay loop involves hopping on an animal, and launching yourself up the stampede until you are on the back of an animal you don’t have yet. Hang on a bit longer and you’ll be able to capture it, at which point it gets added to your collection of animals and you can start out riding that same animal on your next go. Check out the game in action:

It’s really cool how riding the different animals is so, well, different. As you can see in the video they greatly vary in speed as well as (particularly in the case of the giraffe) how far you get launched when you jump off of one. The management aspect is cool as well, as it feels like the thing you’re doing in the game actually have some deeper meaning beyond just chasing a score.

Rodeo Stampede is actively in development and is coming soon. Definitely add this one to your watch list for updates on its release.