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‘Don’t Die, Mr. Robot!’ from ‘Frutorious’ Developers Escapes the Vita and Hits Mobile Next Week

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Infinite State Games, who made the fun and stylish Fruitorious (Free), are bringing their Playstation Vita game Don’t Die, Mr. Robot! to iOS next week on March 24th. This arena survival game, which has you tilting to move your robot that you would rather not have die on you, trying to complete various challenges. The overarching goal is to not die and last as long as possible, but each level, or remix as it’s called, gives you some wrinkle. Some levels trap you in a center area, others will force you to grind enemies for points, and other wacky things.

I’m glad to see Don’t Die, Mr. Robot coming to mobile: I bought it on Vita and enjoyed my time with it, but it sure felt like it’d be a great mobile game. And at last, long after I’ve last used my Vita (anime games do nothing for me and my desire to have Nuclear Throne while on the throne has kind of diminished) here we are. We live in great times. Check this out next week on March 24th.

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