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‘Monkey Swingers’ is a Game About a Monkey Ascending to Heaven from the Creators of ‘Blokshot Revolution’

If you didn’t play last year’s Blokshot Revolution (Free), you’re missing out as the game was really, really good – Shaun Musgrave gave it 5 stars. Now, the team at Foxhole Games is set to release their next game, a sort of continuation of the mechanics of Blokshot Revolution but with more monkeys. Monkey Swingers has you playing as a monkey trying to ascend to heaven. You’ll do so by swinging around pivot points on your way up through the skies and well into space, collecting loads of bananas on the way.

There will be all sorts of powerups and boosts that can be used to help get your monkey further and further into space along the way. And it’s all set to a one-touch gameplay model that worked really well for Blokshot Revolution, but about character-manipulation instead of launching a shot. I’m certainly intrigued, and you’ll be able to play this one for yourself on March 24th.