‘Badland 2’ is on Sale for the First Time, And You Should Go Buy It

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The original Badland is a game I often show people to demonstrate how gorgeous mobile games can be. The lighting effects and the great animation of both your little creatures and the environment makes for a beautiful game. And yet, surprisingly, Badland 2 ($0.99) managed to surpass it, not just in the visuals department but also in terms of gameplay since it added plenty of new mechanics as well as the ability to move backwards. We loved the game in our review, and now that it’s on sale for the first time (down from $4.99 to $1.99), you should definitely get this one. It looks and plays fantastically on both the iPad and the iPhone, and it costs less than a latte. It’s even been updated recently with new levels, a new rolling character, and reactive AI characters, a first in the franchise.

You need more convincing? Okay, how about this then? The original Badland is probably the game that has seen the most updates on the App store since its launch, and not just minor updates. The developers kept on adding levels upon levels for years, and relatively-recently even added a scenario editor that has expanded the game’s replayability tremendously. I fully expect that Badland 2 will see the same treatment, so buy it now and enjoy it for years to come.

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