Now Coca-Cola is Getting in on Cheap Cardboard VR Headsets

One of the reasons why mobile VR is such a big opportunity for VR to spread compared to expensive dedicated headsets is because something like Google Cardboard can be made from, well, cardboard. We’ve seen McDonald’s introduce Happy Meal boxes that become VR headsets, yes. But Coca-Cola, a company that sells a ton of products packaged in cardboard, seems to be pushing the idea that hey, you could easily turn a box of Coke into a VR headset:

The custom solutions that Coca-Cola includes in the video above seem like the most practical ways for people to make VR headsets, and there are some real branding opportunities there. Still, it goes to show just how accessible and potentially widespread mobile VR can be. You could make an entry-level headset from literal scraps of cardboard and the phone you already use. There are going to be countless VR experiences that are focused around basic, entry-level experiences like these – or at least the smart creators are going to not ignore mobile VR.