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‘Bored Ogre’ is a Game of Makeshift Golf with Flinging Humans

So let’s say you’re a giant ogre. You have conquered all in your path. Humans are but a mere annoyance to you. Frankly, you’re bored at this point. You’ve got one life and you’re gonna live it up. But you gotta stay in the house. So, what are you gonna do? Well, those humans thought they might have just gotten stomped or eaten, but they have another thing coming. You, the giant ogre, construct makeshift golf courses, grab one of the humans you’ve collected, and send them flinging to their doom…in as few strokes as humanly possible, by flicking spoons as makeshift trebuchets. They’re taking flight and you’ll never get enough in Bored Ogre from Frozen Pepper:

The idea for this game seems completely ridiculous and I am entirely on board for what Bored Ogre is doing. Check out the forum thread, where you can ask Frozen Pepper questions about the game and provide feedback. I’m anxious to see and hear more about this silly game.