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Upcoming CCG ‘Star Crusade: War for the Expanse’ Looks Quite Promising

As you’ve probably guessed from all the stories I write about Hearthstone, I enjoy a good CCG on my device. I like strategy games, and for me CCGs are a quick path to complex strategic play. Star Crusade: War for the Expanse, is an upcoming CCG that looks like it might hold its own in the great CCG deluge that is the App Store in recent months. Star Crusade, currently in Early Access on PC, comes with six factions and looks like the game’s developer have put some work fleshing out the game’s lore (or, at least, its factions). The game has an interesting deck-building aspect where player can build a deck with anywhere from 25-40 cards. Smaller decks start first and develop more quickly while larger decks have more survivability and, I suspect, better late game strategies. The game will also soon add Modules, a mechanic where players can customize their powers before battle.

Star Crusade has single-player matches, a ranked mode, as well as a draft mode (like Arena in Hearthstone), and the developers are planning on adding four-player 2v2 co-op play in the future, a feature that should help it stand out among other CCGs (as long as it’s implemented well). They also plan to add deck sharing to help players see how others are building their decks, leaderboards, and more. So, as you can tell, the game’s plans are quite ambitious, and I hope they succeed in giving us a fun, deep CCG. The game will, of course, be free-to-play, and it should come to the iPad (and to iPhone in the future) at some point this Spring.