‘Splash Cars’ Adds Energy Mechanic Removal IAP, New Vehicles, and New Levels in Latest Update

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Earlier this month Craneballs released their latest iOS game Splash Cars (Free), a wonderful little game about painting color onto a black and white world by driving around and blasting paint out of the back of your vehicle. It was fun just to drive around and paint the world, but what really made Splash Cars compelling was the balancing of your limited fuel supply along with avoiding contact with cops and other objects as well as smart use of your movement so as not to waste any time overlapping on any areas you’ve already painted. It was a really fun game that we enjoyed a lot in our review.

However, there was something about Splash Cars that was ticking off a lot of gamers who were otherwise enjoying themselves. That thing was a dreaded energy timer. You had a certain number of “batteries" and each time you attempted a level it would use up one of those batteries. As you progressed in the game you could expand how many batteries you had and get to a point where it wasn’t restricting play too much, but if you were stuck on a particularly hard level or were trying and retrying to earn all 3 stars on a level those batteries could disappear quickly.

Well, Craneballs heard the complaints about the battery system and so as of the most recent update they’ve added a one-time IAP of $3.99 that gives you unlimited batteries so you can play to your heart’s content. If you couple that with buying any IAP pack of coins which will disable ads, then Splash Cars gets pretty darn premium if you want it to be. This update also adds three new vehicles–two sports cars and a different sort of vehicle, the Splash Tank of Peace. There are also 5 brand new levels to play and more gifts and sales on various things throughout the game. If you haven’t yet checked out Splash Cars, possibly because of hating energy timers, now is the time to give it a go.

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