‘Implosion – Never Lose Hope’ Just got a New Update with New Missions, New Character, and More

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It would be an understatement to say that we really like Rayark’s Implosion – Never Lose Hope ($1.99); we gave it 5 stars in our review and haven’t stopped looking for more content to play through. A couple of months ago, we wrote that the game was getting a new character somewhere in January, and the 1.2 update has finally hit the App Store just now. The game just got a 6-mission chapter, Last Man Standing (which you need to finish mission 1-8 to unlock), as well as a new Warmech called Jonathan Carloway (that you can see in the trailer below), new ferocious bosses, and a new skill system. The most impressive part of this update is of course, the new playable character. He uses a gun in each hand and should feel pretty different playing the game again with this guy (as if you really need an excuse to play through this fantastic game again). The update is out, so go check it out.

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