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‘The Walking Dead: Michonne’ Gets a Launch Trailer, Hits the App Store This Week

One could make a pretty strong argument that Michonne is the most bad ass character in The Walking Dead (actually, there’s plenty of bad asses, but she’s my favorite) which has got me extra-stoked that Telltale is on the verge of releasing an entirely new Walking Dead game featuring Michonne, her sword, and, well, per the just-release launch trailer, Michonne doing all sorts of Michonne-y things:

We’ve posted about it a bunch already, but The Walking Dead: Michonne is due to be released this week. If you’re playing on the Mac, PC, or console it’ll be available for you to download tomorrow. Otherwise, the iOS version should pop up at the normal time for iOS releases this week, which likely means sometime on Wednesday. I’m just happy the game is finally coming out so I can (hopefully) go from talking about how awesome it looks and start talking about how awesome it is.