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Real Game Alert: ‘Sparkwave’ is a High Score Chaser with Hex Grids

Do you enjoy endless high score chasers? This is a friendly place, we can all admit that we love a no-thinking, just fast-reacting quest for longer times and higher scores even once in a while. But let’s say you’re a real tough person. You enjoy only real games with hex grids. And too few high score chasers offer you the hex grids you need to live your life. Well, Crescent Moon Games and developer Megasweet are here to provide you with the hexagons you need to survive with Sparkwave, releasing this week.


You run along a path formed of hexagons, trying to dodge hazards, and staying on the track. Straying from it will kill you. The path twists and turns, so you’re constantly adjusting to new things coming along. It does all the things that an entertaining high score chaser needs to do. And of course, there are new characters to unlock and some temporary boosts you can buy, along with video ads for continues. You’ll be able to check Sparkwave out as a free download on Thursday, February 25th.