Mobigame’s ‘Zombie Tsunami’ Getting Huge Update Next Week to Celebrate 100 Million Downloads

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Mobigame’s Zombie Tsunami (Free) is a side-scrolling runner that, at the time of its release in the spring of 2012, was really unique as it had you gathering a group of zombies as you ran and trying your hardest not to let them all get killed during your journey. It was a lot more interesting than having just a single character, and Zombie Tsunami was stuffed with personality and humor too, making it one out of hundreds of runners that actually stuck around on my device. Zombie Tsunami has proven quite popular and has been well maintained over the years, but it’s been a while since it received an actual content update. That all changes next Thursday as Mobigame is readying a massive new update to celebrate the milestone of hitting 100 million downloads of Zombie Tsunami across all platforms.

This update will include new pets called Zombirds that will literally poop gold coins onto your face, which is much more pleasant than it sounds. Then there’s two new bonuses, Mecha and Bikerz, along with two new backgrounds, San Francisco and Jurassic. Along with that there will be new skills, new missions, plenty of new hats, and a bunch of bug fixes. You can see all this new stuff in action in the following trailer.

As I said before, there’s something strangely compelling about Zombie Tsunami that’s kept it off the chopping block of my device for years now. I guess I just have a thing for converting helpless humans into zombies. It’s impressive how much stuff has been added in over the years compared to the original release, and next week’s update will just continue piling on to that. If you aren’t among the 100 million people who have downloaded Zombie Tsunami, give it a try and see what it’s all about. It’s your typical free to play system but as long as you’re cool with that there’s tons of fun to be had. Look for Zombie Tsunami’s big update to hit next Thursday, February 25th.

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