‘Wayward Souls’ Gets Gauntlet Mode and Cave Crab in New Update

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While the massive Paladin update for Wayward Souls ($7.99), the TouchArcade 2014 Game of the Year along with my personal choice for Game of the Year, is still in the works, the content keeps flowing for the game. The new mode in the game is Gauntlet Mode, which is meant to be a quick, 6-floor dungeon that is incredibly challenging. Like, all 4 boss fights with new AI routines. The levels are even new arrangements of existing levels, so you’ll have some new surprises. This should be a great way to get a quick burst of action that isn’t the endless mode for those that have stood up to the game’s challenges thus far.

A new cave crab pet has been added, in case you needed to get your crab on, which you do. Plus, the game now has some chests you can collect that help you unlock the other classes, in case you suck and have no hope of ever unlocking them by completing the different dungeons. No judgement here! The app description for the update runs down all the little tweaks and changes that have been added, so check it out. The Paladin mode is still in the works along with the PC version someday, but I’m so glad to see the iOS version of this all-time mobile gaming classic still getting updates.

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