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‘RuneScape: Idle Adventures’ is a Clicker Set in ‘RuneScape’ by the Developers of ‘AdVenture Capitalist’

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MMORPG RuneScape is getting an idle clicker game of its very own. Publisher Jagex is teaming up with Hyper Hippo, developers of AdVenture Capitalist (Free) to make RuneScape: Idle Adventures, [coming to Steam this spring and mobile later](–coming-spring-2016?jptg=ia&jptv=community_newss. The idea is that it takes place in the world of Gielinor, and you control a mystic artifact known as the Needle, which you use to interact with the world and likely do a lot of tapping and/or clicking to progress further. The game will be a light-hearted take on the lore of RuneScape, though plenty of familiar locations, events, and lore are to pop up while you play.


The game will otherwise be unconnected to RuneScape, and Hyper Hippo is handling the majority of development beyond what Jagex is doing to make sure it’s still a good fit for the world. It will be free on all platforms, and the game should be revealed on a Twitch stream on the 19th to get a glimpse at what this take on idle clickers will be like.

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