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‘Spiral Splatter’ Hits the App Store at Top Speed Next Week

Publisher Thumbspire and Dutch developer Neonchimp have announced that they’re launching Spiral Splatter next week for iOS. The game is a bit similar as to last week’s Ellipsis ($2.99) but instead of being only about the game moving when you move, the game is in real-time and speed is the order of the day. You have to drag your dot from the beginning to the end of the level as quickly as possible. Two key problems arise that will prevent you from doing this. First, you can’t touch the walls or you’ll reset to the checkpoint. Second, various hazards and interactive elements like portals come into play that will try to throw you for a loop.

Earning stars will be key to progress through the game, as later level sets require more stars earned in previous levels to progress further. The game’s got a good feel to it, as there’s a visceral feeling when you fail. The game takes on a red hue as you near walls, a subtle reminder that works well. One thing I hope gets changed is for the timer to reset from zero whenever you die before a checkpoint. This is a pet peeve in trial games like this, as it requires you to hit the quick retry button for no good reason. This one will be free with an IAP to remove ads, available on February 25th. Check out the thread in the Upcoming Games forum for discussion on this game and possibly early promo codes.